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SG Transport Innovation International brings a wealth of experience and a successful track record of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) deployment derived from the experience gained from over 20 years in the traffic industry, 7 of which have been spent as a practitioner in local government at the forefront of ITS system delivery.

The aim of this independent company is to build upon this knowledge and experience by providing expertise that facilitates the successful deployment of innovative ITS transport solutions. 
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Transport is essential to all our lives. We travel to work and school, travel to meet our friends, do our shopping, move our goods and go on holiday. It is part of everybody’s existence.

Creating a transport system that matches the requirements of our 21st Century lifestyles is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Getting it wrong leads to congestion, delays, inability to reach jobs and shops, a poor environment, increased health problems and generally a poorer existence for us all.

Congestion is an increasing problem across the world and is partly a consequence of increasing economic prosperity as more people have jobs and people travel further. A major impact of congestion is that it causes journey times to be unpredictable leading to travellers allowing unnecessarily for exceptional delays in their journey planning. The European Commission identifies congestion as a major barrier to the mobility of people and goods.

With our extensive knowledge and experience SG Transport Innovation International has the ability to provide solutions to these problems by exploiting state of the art technology to provide a cost effective sustainable platform for future expansion. Our case studies provide a small snapshot of the benefits this approach can deliver across all modes of transport.


The UK and Europe have adopted challenging road casualty reduction targets. The headline target for the UK is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in Great Britain in road accidents by 40% and similarly the number of children by 50% by 2010 compared with the average for 1994–8.

The European Commission target is to reduce by half the number of road fatalities by 2010 compared with a figure of 41000 deaths in 2000.

ITS technology provides an opportunity to increase the safety of drivers, vehicle occupants, and other road users including the more physically vulnerable sectors of society. ITS supports the improving road safety agenda in three main ways; by improving network management techniques that help reduce congestion; by utilising camera technology linked to back-office systems that support the enforcement of road traffic legislation and also help enable prompt remedial action in the event of an accident and there is potential for greater co-operation between vehicles and the road infrastructure to support safety and other objectives.

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SGTransport Innovation International is headed by Stephen George, former project manager for Midlands Advanced Transport Telematics Information System and Services in Europe (MATTISSE) and Principal Officer to the West Midlands Chief Engineers & Planning Officers Group Support Team (CEPOG).

Profile Steve George MCIHT

Steve is an experienced and versatile ITS practitioner, project and programme manager with experience gained in both private and public sector organisations. He is the founder and Director of SG Transport Innovation Ltd (SGTI) established in July 2006. SGTI brings a wealth of experience and a successful track record of ITS system deployment derived from the experience gained from over 20 years in the traffic industry, seven of which have been spent as a practitioner in local government at the forefront of ITS system delivery.

Competence in ITS system deployment and local authority transport planning is evidenced by a depth of experience that encompasses UTC/UTMC/MOVA traffic control systems; RTPI, CCTV and ANPR systems; Local Authority Major Scheme preparation and delivery; European Project Proposals and Project Participation in the 5th, 6th & 7th Framework Programmes; Chair of the Travel Information Highway Executive Group; Membership of POLIS and former Chair of the POLIS Traffic Efficiency and Mobility Group, Chair of the ITS UK Local Authority Urban Interest Group and a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT). Steve actively supports ITS Arab as Chair of the ITS Arab ITS Architecture Working Group and participation (on behalf of ITS Arab) in ITS events held in the MENA region, details of which can be viewed on the ITS Arab website.

Competence in ITS system deployment and local authority transport planning is evidenced by a depth of experience that encompasses UTC/UTMC/MOVA traffic control systems; RTPI, CCTV and ANPR systems; Local Authority Major Scheme preparation; European Project Proposals and Project Participation in the 5th & 6th Framework Programmes; Chair of the Travel Information Highway Executive Group; Membership of POLIS and former Chair of the POLIS Traffic Efficiency and Mobility Group, Chair of the ITS UK Local Authority Urban Interest Group, Chair of the ITS Arab ITS Architecture Working Group and a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).

Specialty Areas Management of Small, Medium and Large Scale ITS projects and delivery programmes at Local, Regional and National scale:

ITS Programmes - Transport

ITS Initiatives – ITS Architecture (both U.K. and Middle East:

ITS Innovation – R&D programmes; future systems

ITS Business Case development

ITS Technical direction, design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring stakeholder and Supply Chainmanagement

Management metrics, risk management and value for money assessments

Key Achievements Establishing a successful ITS consultancy now in its 5th year of business. Customer base includes public and private sector organisations. The largest project to date is the Birmingham PFI contract where I developed the Urban Traffic Management & Control element for the contractor. Value of this element of the bid is £300M.

Project Officer and technical architect for the West Midlands UTC Major Transportation Scheme. I successfully progressed the scheme from my concept to programme entry status with the UK Department for Transport on behalf of the West Midlands Local Authorities. This resulted in bringing c. £26.6M investment to the roads sector in the West Midlands.

Responsible for the technical delivery of the Monitoring & Evaluation work package for the West Midlands UTC Major Scheme. Work package provides £1.8M funding with direct responsibility to the West Midlands Authorities for the delivery of this package.

Management of the West Midlands MATTISSE system (EU ITS Technical Programme) from its exit from EU 4FP project in 1999 to one of the most successful real time traffic & travel information systems in the UK that is currently operational. Responsible for all aspects of the system and investment programme in excess of £2M.

Delivered a unique Partnering Agreement for the MATTISSE system between the Public and Private sectors. This 10 year agreement, currently in Year 8, provides a stable investment and development programme for the system that exploits the strengths of both sectors

Created the 3GRSE (3rd Generation Roadside Equipment) concept that secured £800K project funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB). This project involved a consortium of 4 companies over a 21 month period concluding in November 2009 with responsibility for project delivery and exploitation.

Successfully held the position of Chairman of the Travel Information Highway (TIH) Executive Group since 2001 and have played a significant role in developing the National Guidance Framework and Detailed Local Operating Agreements for the UK Highways Agency

Key Strengths Key strengths have been acquired over many years of experience across a variety of industries and wide range of roles and responsibilities. I have played a key part in the success of the companies I have worked for particularly in the SME sector. I have also spent time working within the public sector and this has provided additional skills and experience that are highly relevant to broader transport and specific ITS applications sector and can be summarised as follows: Programme and Project management; ability to deliver projects on time and to budget

Outcome drive

Ability to innovate

Ability to communicate at all levels and ability to integrate into workforce

Risks and issue management


Quality management

Financial management

Experience of business development

Self motivated

Employment Summary SG Transport Innovation Ltd August 2006 – present Principal Strategy officer, West Mids July 1999 – July 2006 GeCom Systems Nov 1996 – June 1999 Monitron International June 1988 – Oct 1996 Oliquip Technical Services April 1984 – May 1988

Employment History SG Transport Innovation Ltd aug 2006 – Present Role: Founder and Director

Overview Founder and Director of company. The aim of this independent company is to provide expertise that facilitates the successful deployment of innovative ITS transport solutions. Clients and projects to date include: Technical consultant to the Amey Birmingham Highways PFI bid team. Responsible for the design and development of the Urban Traffic Control schedule requirements of the bid schedule. Value of UTC element of bid is £300M over 25 years. This is one of the largest PFI schemes of its type in the UK and is unique in its inclusion of UTC operations.

Technical consultant to the Chief Engineers and Planning Officers Group for the West Midlands Authorities. Responsible for the technical delivery of the UTC Major Scheme Monitoring & Evaluation work package; assisting the delivery of a UTC Centre of Excellence and member of the Integrated Demand Management (IDM) Project Board (critical friend role). The Monitoring & Evaluation work package is a £1.8M project, the Centre of Excellence is a £600K project and the IDM project value is estimated at £40M although only at stage 1, project scope, at present.

Technical consultant to Birmingham City Council currently coordinating the implementation of a UTMC system prior to PFI service start date and providing technical support, coordination and liaison to both the Amey bid team and the UTC Major Scheme project management team.

Business development consultant to telent resulting in the completion of the 3GRSE scheme sponsored by the UK Technology Strategy Board, an £800K project delivered over 21 months; delivered on time and to budget.

Business development consultant to Efkon UK primarily engaged in assisting TfL bid for next generation of congestion charge scheme equipment. Efkon successfully gained entry to framework contracts for the supply of roadside equipment (with Capita) and supply of DSRC tags in its own right. Both framework contracts are live but currently on hold with TfL. Consultant to WSP Group in the delivery of framework contracts to the Highways Agency for Liaison Support Task and delivery of Travel Information Highway (TIH) support services.

Consultancy services to Mouchel in support of the HA Integrated Network Management (INM) project and their bid for the HA NTIS contract.

Consultancy services to InnovITS, Warwickshire County Council, DfT (via RAPP UK), Reading Borough Council

West midlands authorities (cepog) july 1999 – july 2006 Role: Principal strategy officer

Involvement: From my appointment as project leader in July 1999 it was my sole responsibility to develop and enhance the system to deliver its full potential to the Local Authorities and travelling public. I control an annual budget of £300K, total investment in the MATTISSE system, to date, exceeds £4M. Key milestones included: A technical refresh of the system to provide a reliable, stable platform. This process involved the replacement of the original platform with a more robust and reliable system with the capacity to provide a migration path to the use of current database systems.

A major revision of the public web site, incorporating real time information into a map based GIS system.

The development of an Internet Client application to allow the delivery of real time information to be customised to the end user requirement. This client application is UTMC compliant and was the first Independent Service Provider to connect to the Highways Agency Travel Information Highway (TIH) in March 2000 utilising a CORBA interface.

Development of a Public / Private Partnership initiative to secure the long-term future and sustainability of the MATTISSE system. The partnership will be formed between the MATTISSE Consortium and a Joint Venture between telent and Mott MacDonald with the intention of delivering an ITS Showcase for the Midlands Region. The partnership process took 18 months to bring to conclusion and I was involved with all aspects from inception.

Participation in the MobiService Centres 5FP European Project. The project investigated Best Practice in Mobility Management Centres across Europe. Along with project partners Bristol, Hampshire, Frankfurt, Hannover, Bologna and Toulouse I participated in the creation of a ‘Best Practice’ manual. The project has also facilitated a ‘Technology Transfer’ of a part of the MATTISSE system to Bristol, designated as TRANSMIT, in which I have participated.

Project Officer and architect of the West Midlands UTC Annex E Major Scheme submitted in July 2004, an innovative bid for £26.6M funding to deliver significant improvements to the efficiency of the West Midlands road network. The scheme gained programme entry in March 2006 and gained full approval in 2008.

Involved in forming the West Midlands Local Transport Plan (LTP) with responsibility for chapters on Information Provision and the Network Management Duty response to the Traffic Management Act 2004

Project Board member that successfully bid for additional DfT funding for the delivery of Bus RTPI in the West Midlands. The Project Board put forward a bid for £2,035,000 to supplement the current level of investment from the MATTISSE Partnership, Centro and Travel West Midlands, giving a total package of £4M investment for the West Midlands. The bid was successful with the Project Board overseeing the project delivery.

Gecom Systems Nov 1996 – jun 1999 Role: Co-founder and Director

Involvement: Partner in GeCom Systems, specialising in the supply of Computer Systems and associated peripherals, dealing with all aspects of company operations. Within this partnership I developed my own field of operation building upon the expertise I had gained within the Transportation industry resulting in the following key tasks:

Sub-contractor to Traffic Signals (UK) Ltd. Undertaking Traffic Signal Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Engineering services.

Provision of MOVA and Remote Monitoring Installation, Commissioning and Training services to Local Authorities and Traffic Signal maintenance companies. Consultant Engineer services to Local Authorities.

Feasibility Study for Siemens Traffic Control on the suitability of their OMU95 platform for MOVA use.

Monitron International june 1998 – oct 1996 Role: General Manager

Involvement: The manufacture and installation of Remote Monitoring Systems and Traffic Signal equipment. My time with Monitron was from company start up involving in many aspects of the company operations.

Installation and Commissioning of Remote Monitoring Systems

Installation and Commissioning of MOVA equipment

Installation and Commissioning of Traffic Signal Equipment

Installation and Commissioning of CCTV based Queue Detection Systems

Project Management

Type Approval for Traffic Signal and related products

Management of Installation Department and Field Service Engineers

General Manager responsible for:

Customer Liaison and Training

Sales and Marketing

Quality Assurance to ISO 9001

Oliquip Technical Services Apr 1984 – May 1998 Role: Systems Manager
 Involvement: Initially as a Service Engineer involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide range of Word Processors, Micro Computers and Peripheral equipment. Mainly working with Olivetti, Rank Xerox and Newbury Data equipment providing technical support and liaison for a wide range of customers.

Promotion to Systems Manager supervising 5 engineers and taking responsibility for all aspects of the Computer Systems dept. Responsibilities included the day to day work loading, maintaining budgets, scheduling regular support visits, customer liaison and provision of support to the sales team.

Professional Membership Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) Elected member on 26th November 2002 Membership Number: 000063813

its architecture Chair of ITS ARAB Architecture Working Group

Education ‘O’ Level/CSE English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Art, Woodwork, Tech. Drawing. City & Guilds Mechanical Engineering Electronic Servicing U.E.I. Technicians Certificate Parts 1 & 2 Product Training Courses: IBM, DRE (Newbury Data), Heidenhein CNC Programming Instructors Course, undertaken at Parsons Controls 1983 Health & Safety undertaken at Kidderminster Training, February 1996

Presentations papers and Publications

Road Planning Design & Construction, Dubai, Feb 2010 EU TAIEX Workshop, April 2009 Riyadh Traffic & Transportation Symposium 2008 ITS Europe 2008 ITS Arab 2008 ITS Europe 2007 ITS Arab 2006 ITS World Congress 2006 Moving On Conference, March 2006 IIR RTPI Conference, March 2005 POLIS Regional Workshop November 2004 ITS UK Summer Conference, July 2004 ITS UK LAUIG Seminar, January 2004 POLIS Conference, December 2003 IHT Seminar, November 2003 Travelwise Week, September 2003 Freight Transport Association, June 2003 Smart Moving Conference, April 2003 UTMC Conference, December 2002 RTIC, IEE London, March 2002 IIR Conference, February 2002
DTLR Transport Direct, March 2001 IIR Conference, RTPI Systems, April 2001 TIH User Group Conference, 2001 UTMC User Group Conference, 2001 DTLR Transport Direct Workshop, November 2001 INFORM Conference, 2000 Telematics Automotive 2000 Conference POLIS Conference, 1999

Personal Interests

Life long interest in motor sport and holder of RAC Motor sport competition licence from 1976 – 1985 principally competing in Formula Ford as owner / driver and latterly road rallying. I enjoy all forms of music, particularly modern jazz and classical and ensure I maintain a level of fitness through membership of my local gym.

References Dr John Spence, Director, JSTSM Ltd Trevor Errington, Head of Planning and Strategic Transport, Coventry City Council Janet Lowe, Head of Human Resources, Wolverhampton City Council

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